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Gentle Femdom Diaries 

Real interviews with real lifestyle FemDom couples and individuals. What is it really like?


Real Femdom Conversations

Let’s get back to basics. What is happening in the actual FemDom community? Not porn or social media, what is happening in real life?

Journalism style, I am interviewing real-life couples (and individuals) in female-led relationships.

I want to talk to the couple about their love story. How did they meet? How did they grow into their kink relationship? What advice do they have for the new curious minds wanting to get into BDSM FemDom? How should they start? 

Calling all lifestyle gentle Dommes + couples

If you’re willing to share your story and help promote a more realistic picture of kink and caring relationships, please send me an email to (Real names will not be used.)

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