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Gentle Femdom Diaries


Curious about real-life gentle femdom dynamics and how they work?
Do not believe everything you see online. Let's ask the Dommes themselves...
Seven interviews with gentle Dommes who date submissive men.

Gentle Femdom Interviews

Let’s get back to basics. What is happening in the actual Femdom community? Not porn or social media, what is happening in real life?

Journalism style, I am interviewing real-life couples (and individuals) in female-led relationships.

I want to talk to the couple about their love story. How did they meet? How did they grow into their kink relationship? What advice do they have for the new curious minds wanting to get into BDSM Femdom? How should they start? 



What do readers say?

This was an extremely insightful and informative read. Whether you are new to BDSM and Gentle Femdom or have been immersed in the community it is worth a read.


-Vanessa S

There are lots of nonfiction books out there on BDSM, but I’ve not come across any others covering this softer side of things. I think M. Kay Noir has succeeded in creating something that is both a great companion to her gentle femdom erotica and a resource to those interested in pursuing this fascinating lifestyle.

-James J

Gentle Femdom Diaries was an excellent read! The Dommes interviewed gave thoughtful, practical advice and M Kay Noir did a wonderful job of weaving the responses into a work that flowed well.

-Barely Bookish Asher

Overall, this was an amazing book and one that anyone interested in gentle femdom should consider (experienced or inexperienced). It's always good to learn from other people and I feel that this book provides that in a way that no free online article about gentle femdom could.


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