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Sweet Beginnings

A sweet but spicy friends-to-lovers gentle femdom story.

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*Part 1 (Her POV)* Sweet Beginnings 


I heard the floorboards creak in the unfamiliar hallway.
I carefully lowered my book. 
It was late, very late. I had assumed everyone else was asleep already. 
The footsteps slowed to a halt outside my door. 

There was a moment of hesitation – on both sides of the wooden frame. 
I held my breath, willing your figure to step through my door. It could have been any of the six other people in the house, but I wanted it to be you. 
Time passed slowly in my mind, slower than on my watch. 
Finally, there was a gentle knock on the door – so soft, barely audible. 
I took a deep breath, put my book down on the nightstand, and slipped out of bed. 
It was a warm summer’s night, and I was scantily clothed. But I didn’t bother covering up before opening the door. 
I twisted the handle and pushed the hallway into view. 
Slowly, my view filled with you. 
You smiled at me sheepishly, dimly lit by the light spilling from my bedside. 
I wordlessly stepped aside and let you in, closing the door behind you. 
I got back into bed while you remained awkwardly by the door. 
You didn’t say anything, just stood there in your shorts and nightshirt, barefoot. 
I pulled the covers away in invitation, looking at you expectantly. 
You hesitated momentarily before closing the distance between the door and my bed. 
I was so nervous. 
In the four years I’ve known you, I have dreamt of this moment so many times. I’ve longed for you to acknowledge that you felt something, the way I did. You’ve had so many opportunities. So many drunken nights. So many sleepovers. So many friend holidays away. But you never broke character. Not until tonight. 
I found your eyes as you sat down next to me. So close to me. I could feel you in my space. I felt your presence all the way to the pit of my stomach. 
You kept my gaze, smiled softly with the corners of your beautiful mouth I’ve stared at so many times, and took my hand in yours. 
This isn’t real, my mind screamed in silence. Why is he here? Why now? I…
Not a word was spoken between us. 
Yet so much was said. In a moment that felt like an eternity, your eyes told me everything. Everything and nothing. 
You squeezed my hand, pulled me even closer. Our faces were inches apart. 
I didn’t dare breathe. No words came to express all the questions I had. 
Silence. Silence and unbearable tension. Tension so thick, I could hear my own heart beat. 
Then – 
You kissed me. 
The distance between us dissipated as you gently placed your hand behind my neck and guided my lips to yours. 
I only pulled away when the little air I had left finally rendered me gasping for breath.
You smiled, keeping your face close as you watched me. 
I didn’t know what to say. What to do. I was frozen in the most magical moment. 
You lay your head down on my chest. 
Together, your body against mine, we lay down on the bed. 
I put my arm over you, cradling you in my bosom. 
You held me tight and closed your eyes, listening to my heart jump around in patterns. 
I kissed your hair, inhaling your scent deeply. You smelled like you – my favorite smell. There were no words for the scents that made you you. I didn’t need any. 
Our breathing synced as you drifted to sleep in my arms. 
There was no way I could sleep. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. I wanted to remember every second of this moment. I wanted to remember what this felt like. I wanted to protect you. 

Outside, the drawn cracked a lazy eye over the horizon. 

*Part 2 (His POV)* Good Morning


I had imagined what your body would feel like against mine so many times before. But I could never have imagined the exquisite intimacy of waking up in your arms for real. 
I felt my cock stir as I carefully rested a hand on the curve of your ass. High-cut black panties and a simple blue crop top – your sleepwear inadequately covered your tanned skin. What a beautiful view. 
You murmured softly in your sleep, stirre
d lightly, and pulled me towards you. Your face was right above mine, breathing the same air as me. 
Oh, how I’ve longed for this on so many lonely nights. But I didn’t dare approach you. It was one thing to want you. But the things I wanted you to do to me… How could I ever find the courage to tell you? 
I kissed your neck sweetly, savoring the moment before it evaporated into the lazy sunrise. 
Your eyes fluttered open, stopping my breath in its tracks. 
I panicked. Is this how it ends? 
“Morning,” you smiled at me. Your face was filled with warmth. Warmth rather than obvious regret – a good sign. Or perhaps that was still coming. 
“Hey there,” I returned your smile, making no move to try and disentangle my body from yours. 
“I thought you would’ve snuck out by now. Or that it would turn out to be just a dream. It wouldn’t be the first time,” you blushed, your large green eyes penetrating my soul with a vulnerable stare that carried immense strength.
“I’ve dreamt about this too,” I admitted. 
I watched you intently for signs or clues as to what you were thinking. Did you want me here?
“What would the others say?” you searched my eyes for your answers of your own.  
The warming sun slowly dripped through the closed blinds. 
“Perhaps they wouldn’t be surprised?” I suggested. “Maybe we can figure things out ourselves first...”
“We have things to figure out?” you appeared amused. A golden strand of hair fell over your cheek. I didn’t dare tuck it behind your ear. I wanted to. 
“I would be so lucky,” I laughed nervously. I wanted to be my usually confident self, to casually explain my desires, but with you I was different. I felt embarrassed, like a child. I wanted so badly to impress you, to convince you to let me be yours… But all I could do was look away awkwardly. 
You took my chin in your hand, turned my face towards you… looked deep into my eyes. “I think you’re mistaking luck for destiny.” You kissed the corner of my eyes softly. I closed them, breathing you in. How could someone feel so familiar? So much like home?
“You read too many romance books,” I joked, trying to dig my way out of nervous embarrassment using humor.  
“There is no such thing. Besides, you should be grateful for the romance books,” you grinned mysteriously. Or maybe it was mischievously. It was too early to be sure. 
“Grateful? How so?” it was my turn to be amused. 
“Because romance books have tainted this pure mind of mine in ways you could never imagine...” 
You freed your body from my entanglement, sitting up against the velvet-covered headboard. 
Please don’t get up, I begged silently, holding my breath.  
But you weren’t going anywhere. Instead, you pulled your shirt over your head. It fell to the floor unceremoniously while I stared – transfixed at your full breasts, finally free. 
“Oh god. They’re enchanting,” I whispered, bowing down before your heavy chest, nipples poking out pink and hard. 
My cock sprung to full attention as I watched you play with your breasts – grabbing them, massaging them, pinching those nipples harder and harder. 
“Close your mouth boy. You’re drooling,” you teased, lifting my chin with a finger. 
I have never seen you like this – so sensual, so sexual. 
“Please…” was as far as my words got me. My eyes begged, they pleaded. But my body remained frozen; erect but unmoving. 
You leaned forward, pressed your breasts together seductively. 
“Do you want to suck on them, boy?”

*Part 3 (Her POV)* Come for Me 


I felt so powerful, like a true Goddess.
The awe in your eyes fed my confidence, dared me to be brave, to finally offer you my body as I had imagined so many times in the long years we had been friends. Oh, how I had longed for it when we were still teenagers; cried for nights on end because you wanted nothing from my body but companionship. 

But no more. You were finally here, in my bed. I could show you how my breasts had grown, show you that I was a woman now, almost 26 now. I wasn’t that innocent girl who lived down the road from you anymore. That all changed when I went to college, when I left for the big city. 
But you didn’t know that yet. You had barely seen me in the past few years. We were both too busy seeking career validation, chasing a feeling we never got from our fathers. But I didn’t give a fuck about climbing the corporate ladder right now, all I wanted was for you to touch me, to caress me, to want me as much as I wanted you. 
For a second, you just stared at my naked chest, your mind mulling over my offer, “Do you want to suck on them, boy?”
The longer your silence stretched, the stronger my anxiety grew, petrified that you would reject me, that you were just drunk last night and regretted coming here. 
But all of that chaos in my mind dispelled the second you lay your large hands on my breasts, cupping them both, squeezing tenderly. 
You took my nipples between your fingers, rolled them around, felt how hard they were, hard just for you. Your touch was so careful, so gentle. Gentle but desperate. 
You pinched my nipples. I gasped!
“Please may I?” you finally vocalized your answer as a question, no, a plea. With the most intense gaze, you stared right into my soul, searching, as my eyes were too. 
I wanted to return your question with a million of my own. Why are you here? Why now? What do you want from me? Please fuck me?!
But I said nothing, just reached into your boxers, my eyes still glued to yours, reaching under the thin fabric and firmly wrapping my fingers around the girth of your cock. You were hard as a rock, hard and thick, alive under my touch. So many years I’ve wondered what you would feel like. I knew the outline of that cock so well, even seen it before as we grew more comfortable around each other. But I never touched it, never got to command it. 
It was your turn to gasp. 
I leaned back against the headboard, wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulled your body into mine. “You may,” I smiled. 
You hooked your legs over mine, entwining your body. Gently cupping my breast, you brought your lips over my nipple, latching onto my teat hungrily but cautiously. 
I moaned softly in pleasure as you started sucking, your tongue teasing my flesh as you sucked and sucked, occasionally biting down. 
I pulled your cock free from the material containing it, my grip firm as I massaged the length of your shaft, hand purposefully lingering around the sensitive tip, uncut. I knew you were enjoying it. I could tell from the soft murmur of your moans against my breast, the way your body stiffened against mine – you didn’t expect me to know what to do with that thing, did you? I had more experience than just the romance books. I had explored enough bodies in my search for the very illusive fulfillment. But none like this…
I leaned down and kissed the top of your hair, whispering sweetly into your ear: “Will you come for me, baby?” 

*Part 4 (His POV)* On His Knees


Those words were irresistible, especially from your beautiful lips: “Will you come for me, baby?”
I wanted nothing more. My body had awaited this invitation for too many years. 
Within seconds, I climaxed all over your hand, my face still buried in your chest, breathing heavily as thick cum soiled your hand. Oh god, it felt so good! 
“Such a dirty boy,” you grinned, wiping the sticky cum on my back. 
I wanted to stay like this forever, in your arms, happily spent – safe. 
“What do you do to me?” I finally emerged from between your breasts, hungrily seeking your kisses, your explanations. But you only had kisses for me. 
“Did you like that?” you asked, knowing full well the answer. 
“Too much,” I admitted, staring deeply into your smiling eyes. 
“I’ve always wanted to do that.” It was your turn to confess. I couldn’t believe the words. How was I so lucky? 
“I had no idea…”
“You wouldn’t. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself…” You stroked my hair lovingly as you held my body against yours. 
“I wish I knew…” I slowly trailed my hand down your waist, your hips, resting at the hem of your panties. “May I?” I asked, flicking the underwear’s elastic with my finger. I was desperate to uncover the secrets that lay beneath the thin fabric. I was so hungry for you…
“I think we both need a shower first,” you sensibly answered. 
It wasn’t a no; you didn’t reject me. That’s all I heard. 
“Thank fuck you have the room with the ensuite then,” I smiled. The idea of showering with you was something I never even allowed myself to indulge in. It made me instantly erect again. 
You disentangled our bodies and led me to the bathroom. 
Slowly, seductively, you slipped out of your panties, finally uncovering that beautifully trimmed bush I longed for so much. I wanted you so badly, it ached. 
You watched me watch you, smiling slyly as you reached for the tap. What a beautiful body, those curves – I wanted nothing more than to worship every inch of your skin. 
I joined you under the steady stream of too-hot water. It felt good on my tired body. Neither of us had gotten any sleep after all. But who needed sleep when the object of your desire was finally within your reach?
You covered the sponge in foam and slowly started washing my body – my chest, my back, slipping it between my ass cheeks… When you reached around to my cock, my balls, washing me sensually, slowly, I couldn’t help but let a soft whimper escape my mouth. I was still so sensitive down there… 
When you were done, I took the sponge from you. “My turn,” I grinned and you nodded your consent.  
I started by your neck, gradually moving down, spending extra time just circling your breasts with the sponge. You moaned softly, closing your eyes in enjoyment as I played with your nipples. 
Then lower down, your waist, finally your crotch, my hand slipping between your thighs with the sponge. You moaned louder, encouraging me to continue. 
I placed a gentle kiss on your hidden lips, sinking to my knees as I followed the trail of soapy kisses down your legs to your feet. 
I was so hard again – painfully aroused. Finally being allowed to touch your body… the reality was even better than the dream.  
I gasped loudly as you gently placed your soapy foot in my lap, carefully pressing down against my erection with your beautiful arches. 
You smiled. “I’m ready.” 

*Part 5 (Her POV)* Worship Me 


I lay down on the bed, still damp from our first shower together. 
Through the curtain, daylight streamed in, unable to contain its excitement for the new morning. I knew you could see every inch of my skin in the fresh light, every curve, every perfect imperfection — it made me nervous but oh, so fucking wet too. I wanted you to see. 
You leaned against the doorframe by the bathroom, your cock hard, standing at full attention as you watched me open my thighs on the bed, open them wide for you. 
My fingers slipped between my legs, my right hand finding its familiar path to the sensitive clit.
“Shall I warm it up for you?” I asked seductively in a voice I almost didn’t recognize. You had set my sexual soul on fire and there was no stopping this inner Goddess now. Not that I wanted to stop. No, I felt insatiable. 
“Oh yes, please…” You, meanwhile, had transformed from your usual confident jovial self to a stuttering mess, a 27-year-old child unable to think of anything other than the desires burning through you. 
I slowly circled my sensitive flesh, keeping my eyes locked on yours bravely, defiantly, no  — sensually. 
A soft moan played on my lips, a muttering of lust… 
“Come here, boy,” I ordered and you instantly obeyed, following my voice to the bed. 
You knelt down on the floor before me, watching up close as I teased my clit, gathering information on every delicate spot; each stroke, and the reaction it illicit from my aroused body. Every moan, every slight jerk, you committed the movements to memory for later use. 
“Do you want to get involved?” I asked, eyeing you through my open thighs. 
“I want nothing more than to know what you taste like,” you whispered, honest in your desires, unfiltered. 
It felt good to be wanted — especially by you. The anticipation was catching my breath in my throat but I paid it no mind, pushing through in the conviction of my newfound assertiveness. Your subservience was fueling my dominance and it was a beautiful dance I wanted to dance until my body could dance no more. Insatiable indeed. 
“Slowly…” was all I said, my invitation to you complete. 
I moved both hands to my breasts, massaging their voluptuous mounds, fingertips settling on my nipples as I played with them, pinched them, pulled them until they hurt — in the most tantalizing way. 
“Anything you want,” you said, taking a deep breath before lowering your lips to mine — sinking down between my thighs. 
I gasped as your tongue touched my skin. For a moment, you didn’t move, just held my clit between your lips. It felt so good. Oh god. 
Slowly, you licked me, trailing your tongue over my entire slit, dragging it over my excited skin. 
“Hmm, just like that… slowly…” I encouraged you, pinching my nipples harder, the pain stream mixing with the pleasure as it pulsed through my veins. Knowing that it was you drawing little circles around my clit with your tongue made the experience so much more gratifying. 
You hit a spot that made my toes curl and instantly picked up on the cue, moving all your attention to focus on that small area so many overlooked or never found. 
“Oh god,” I gasped, the pleasure building inside me quickly as you ate my pussy to climax — slowly, but then not so slowly as you sped up in time with my rapidly increasing breaths. 
“Don’t you dare stop,” I hissed at you, arching my hips up into your face, rocking them in the rhythm driving us both. “I want you to taste every last drop of me…”
It was all the encouragement you needed, your goal set. You grabbed my thighs with both hands to steady yourself, and me, as you went in for the kill, your tongue playing over my increasingly sensitive clit, around it, softly nibbling on the lips of my labia. 
Most men gave up before they reached the end, it took too long, my body didn’t relent for just anyone. But not you, no, you kept going until my heavy pants turned into gasping explosions, my breath betraying the orgasm building under my skin. 
And then it happened. 
The climax reached its crescendo!
With a loud scream I couldn’t contain, my orgasm exploded, tingles burning my flesh as the feeling spread to even my furthest extremities. 
“No more!” I breathed, pushing you away with my foot. “No more.” 
Oh god, how did it feel so good, how… 
I couldn’t think anymore. Only feel. 

*Part 6 (His POV)* Burning Desire  


You licked your own orgasm from my lips, satisfied in more ways than one.

How beautiful you looked, spent, rapid breaths heaving your magnificent naked chest up and down. I couldn’t believe you let me taste your sweet cunt, let me devour every last drop of your pleasure.

After all these years of friendship, I never dared to hope I’d one day have the chance to taste you. It was even more incredible than I could’ve imagined. That look on your face as you moaned in ecstasy…

As your breath calmed down finally, you wrapped your arms around me, pulling me into your breasts as you held me tightly. My semi-erection pressed against your bare thigh, inching closer to full life as you sweetly kissed my hair.

I wanted to stay like this forever, wrapped up in you as our naked bodies intertwined comfortably.

But moments later, there was a loud knock on your bedroom door. It shattered the moment, sending my heart pounding. Fuck.

“Yeah?” you called out, straining to keep your voice sounding normal.

“You coming to brunch or what?” It was one of our other friends, bringing us back to a reality where we weren’t away in a cabin alone somewhere with infinite time to explore each other’s bodies, but in actual fact on a group outing with others.

“Be there in a sec,” you answered, looking as unimpressed as I was.

Thankfully they left again, I’m sure in search of me in an empty bed across the hall. Hopefully they’d assume I was out for a walk or something.

“You need to go,” you stated the obvious and I groaned, holding onto you even tighter.

“Do I have to?” I sighed, knowing the answer. Neither of us were ready to explain ourselves, the words didn’t exist.

“But come back to me later. Tonight.” You grinned and my heart fluttered like a teenager in a 90s romcom. You wanted to see me again.

I kissed your lips deeply, hungrily as you parted them for me and took my tongue into your mouth, consuming me until we both were breathless again.

I pulled away and begrudgingly put my boxer shorts back on over the uncomfortable erection.

By some miracle, or maybe just luck, I managed to sneak back to my own room undetected.

Outside, the sun was climbing closer to noon, unwilling to stop just for us, to hold a moment in time paused in beautiful perfection.

I kicked my boxers to the ground and turned on the shower. Even though I already had a shower today, my hair smelled like pussy and I had to wash you from my body despite wanting to keep you there forever.

Just the thought of our shower together earlier, of our morning of sexual exploration and release…my cock was instantly hard again—painfully so.

As the hot water rained down on me, I slowly stroked my erect flesh, thinking of you, imagining it was your hands teasing my burning hardness. It wasn’t the first time I imagined you like this but it was the first time I knew what your hands on my cock felt like in real life.

It didn’t take long until I felt myself nearing the edge of climax, quick breaths and even quicker strokes encased in the steamy hot water.

A guttural moan escaped me as cum spurted from my dick, releasing into the shower.

It did little for quenching my desire for you. My body already ached for yours.

Oh god, this was going to be a long day.

*Part 7 (Her POV)* Acting Cool 


I knew it was you entering the kitchen, I didn’t have to look around. I purposefully didn’t. That soapy smell, the familiar shuffle of your feet—I knew it was my best friend who I mere minutes before released from my naked body. But nobody else could know.

I tried to force my breathing into a natural rhythm, fighting the pace given my rapidly beating heart.

I was sitting at the table with two of our friends, discussing my favorite theories of psychoanalysis. But as you sat down across from me, steaming cup of coffee in your hand, I no longer had the urge to debate Lacan’s theories on desire—my body was beyond the theory stage, I wanted to continue our practical.

You stole a glance my way, the corners of your mouth curling in a sneaky smile that was nearly impossible not to reciprocate. I had lust written all over my face, I knew I had. Embarrassed, I looked down, focussing on the last sips of now lukewarm coffee in my cup.

The conversation topic changed to something lighter. I didn’t hear a word—I was too aware of your presence across from me. I wanted everyone else to go away, to disappear instantly so I could be alone with you. The unspeakable and speakable things I wanted to do to your body, the ones I wanted you to do to mine.

I bit my lip and pushed the thoughts down. But I couldn’t stop the wetness pooling between my thighs. My body was feral for you!

I could still feel your lips on my clit, my fingers tangled in your hair as you devoured my cunt eagerly, years and years of pent-up desire finally permitted to exist.

The insecurities were ever-present as I finished my coffee—the nagging feeling of “does he feel the same?” and “maybe it was just once?” But the way your eyes kept wandering to mine, the way you gripped your cup too tightly—I knew I wasn’t the only one struggling to fake my way through niceties.

I wanted to rip off those yellow swimming shorts of yours and push you down on this very table. Now that I knew how your magnificent cock felt growing in my palm, I wanted nothing more than to lead it around the house on a leash, forcing you to follow me wherever I wanted to go. I knew you’d come, in more ways than one. 

Another friend joined our table. No one found anything amiss. They didn’t notice my pounding heart, the drops of sweat on my brow; they didn’t know I’d soaked through my bikini bottoms already, my lust for you uncontrollable, urgent.

You got up from the table under the guise of fetching a plate. But you didn’t return to your spot. No, you sat down on my side of the table, inching closer and closer to me as more people joined and gave you an excuse to scoot up. You moved closer until our bare thighs touched, shivers crawling over my skin despite the burning heat outside and inside.

I smiled forcedly, begrudgingly contributing to the meaningless conversation about which animals would survive a zombie apocalypse, trying to seem unfazed by your leg pressed fully against mine under the table, too close—so warm.

There were so many words I wanted to say to you but none I could speak in public, before our friends.

Time felt slow. I didn’t care about brunch but I forced some toast down. In between the chatter of the others, between the mouths full of food, the laughter, the champagne, in between it all, you risked breathing a single “I need you” into my ear, a whisper intended only for me, a whisper so soft it rang loudly in my heart.

I knew I couldn’t wait until tonight to see you. I put my hand on your thigh briefly, brushing seemingly accidentally but very intentionally over your badly-hidden erection. It pleased me. Almost as much as it pleased me to see you involuntarily jump, so affected by my touch.

Nobody noticed. Nobody but me.

I grinned foolishly.

“Alright then, let’s go swimming!” you announced abruptly, jumping up quickly to turn around before anyone else could spot that unmistakable tent in your shorts.

“I’m keen,” I replied, forcing the obvious enthusiasm from my voice as I got up and followed you to the pool.

I wondered what the others would say if they found out, found out that there was nothing I wanted more than my best friend on his knees before me.

But it wasn’t about them.

Part 6
*Part 8 (His POV)* Make Me  


I rushed away from the kitchen, hoping nobody would notice the ill-timed erection tenting in my shorts. Just being around you was enough to make me painfully hard. What have we done? 
I wished we were alone, not away for the weekend with our closest friends. Why didn’t I wait for a better time to knock on your door in the middle of the night? To kiss you? To finally muster up enough courage to tell you, my best friend, all the forbidden things I wanted you to do to me?
I jumped into the pool without even testing the water. The icy cool liquid swallowed me up, immersing me until I popped up on the other side, gasping for air. 
“Is it working?” your voice startled me and I spun around. You had followed me. 
“Is what working?” I swam over to you, lured in like a moth to a flame.
“The water. For cooling down that hard cock you did such a bad job of hiding,” you grinned, sitting down on the edge of the pool. I couldn’t believe it was the same old you, using words like cock so confidently, shamelessly. It seemed I had underestimated how filthy those romance novels you cling to so obsessively were. 
“It was working…until you showed up,” I smiled, staring deep into those familiar emerald eyes, hoping for answers I knew wouldn’t come in words. Did you want this as much as I did?
You dipped your long bare legs into the water, shuddering at the initial shock of the cold. You were wearing your one-piece swimming costume with one of those short mesh dresses over it. It did little to cover the skin I licked and tasted and devoured earlier this morning while everyone else slept. I felt my cock jump at the mere thought of it. 
“You better not be expected an apology. I’m not sorry.” You blew me a playful kiss. 
“Oh, but you will be.” I locked my sopping-wet arms around you and you squealed as I dragged you into the pool with me in a single smooth sweep. 
“You will regret that!” you threatened, splashing about as you playfully shoved me away from you. 
“Make me,” I challenged, pulling you back 
“Famous last words, boy,” you said, wrestling out of my grip and overpowering me. We were about the same height but you spent way more time at the gym than I did; you were stronger than I thought. Still, I probably could have broken free if I wanted to. 
But I didn’t fight you. I wanted you to overpower me. I wanted you to do whatever you wanted with me. Your natural dominance was intoxicating! Like when you stroked me to completion earlier, allowing me to suckle on your nipple. 
I gasped as you pushed me into the wall from behind, hard. One arm snaked around my throat, the other around my chest, pinning my arms to my sides as I struggled for breath. My heart was beating out of my chest, my erection painfully pushed against the wall. 
“Five steps to the right,” you whispered in my ear and I wordlessly obeyed, in a trance, my body ready to do whatever you asked. 
“What the—?” I exclaimed as the unexpected gush of water hit my cock. It was the pool’s water jet. You planned this! 
“Quiet, boy,” you said, holding me firmly in place in front of the jet.
A needy whimper that I’ve never heard myself produce fluttered from my lips as the pressure of the water rushed over my hard flesh, quickly working me to a climax.
“How does that feel?” you whispered seductively, pushing your hips against mine, forcing me into the stream even more. 
“So…so good…” I struggled in gasps, your chokehold still locked around my windpipe. It did, it felt amazing! Too good. I felt myself instantly nearing release. The feel of the water rushing over my cock, your wet warm body pressed against mine, your breath in my ear, your arm around my throat—even my most erotic fantasies of you never explored this scenario. 
I moaned loudly, so close to the edge. “Please,” I asked, words failing me as my circuits surged with so many other feelings. 
“Speak your words. What do you want?” you hissed in my ear, dropping your arm around my waist, lower. You wrapped your hand firmly around my cock. The sensation was incredible! 
“I wanna come!” I couldn’t hold it. It was too much. 
You didn’t say anything. Didn’t give me permission. I don’t know why I needed it but we both knew I did. My pleasure was yours. I wanted it to be yours. 
“Please,” I begged, struggling to hold back the floods. 
For another minute that felt like 10, you tortured me, holding me there as I became ever more desperate. I thought I was going insane! But then you finally took pity on me, showed mercy. 
“Do it. You have permission.” You said softly, licking my ear seductively, trapping the lobe between your teeth. 
I let go, closing my eyes and sinking into the feeling as I came violently into the rushing jet stream, cum mixing with water. It was incredible! A feeling so all-encompassing, that it emptied my mind completely. 
But I celebrated too quickly… My sweet release was about to turn into my sweet torture as you kept my spent cock in place before the relentless water stream. 
“Argh!” I exclaimed, trying to push myself away from the edge but my knees were weak and your grip firm. Overstimulation burned through my skin. “Please…let me go!”
“Make me,” you said cruelly, kissing my neck. 

Parat 8
*Part 9 (Her POV)* Your Turn  


I gave you a minute to recover from the overstimulation, holding your post-orgasm body close to mine. It was the first time I’d ever done something like that, with anyone (let alone my best friend), but I always wondered about it—was the water jet’s stream enough to make someone come in the pool? Now I knew, it was. 
“You’re a crazy woman,” you panted, finally regaining some semblance of your senses. 
I just laughed, kissing you sloppily as we bobbed about the cool water. You willingly opened your lips for me, letting me in as you kissed me back fervently. Between us, I could feel your hardness begin to grow again. 
“I can’t tell you how long I’ve thought about this,” you whisper when I finally let you come up for air, our faces still close together. 
“You’re going to get us in a lot of trouble with these thoughts,” I teased, trailing my fingers over your wet shorts, the erection beneath it. The truth was that I had so many of these thoughts myself—I’ve wanted you for years. But I kept telling myself that friends-to-lovers was just a romance trope; that it never happened in real life. 
Yet here we were, sneakily having our fun in the pool while our friends were still gathered around the breakfast table inside. The things I would do to you if we had some privacy. But the need, the desire for you, was too strong, I couldn’t wait until then. 
You whimpered softly as I stuck my hand into your shorts and wrapped my fingers around your cock, only briefly, before letting you go again. 
“Hmm, you’re an evil tease…But I believe it’s my turn.” You grinned mischievously. 
“Oh? Is that so?” I winked at you, daring you to take what you want, to act on those desires we’ve both been repressing for so long out of fear of rejection. Surely he doesn’t want me? If he did, he would’ve done something by now. Over and over, I told myself that lie, rejecting myself on your behalf. Yet here we were, half naked in the pool, finally honest with one another, with ourselves. 
You didn’t reply, not verbally at least. No, you just pushed me against the wall in the shallower end and pulled aside the crotch of my one-piece swimming costume. An involuntary gasp fluttered from my lips as your fingers traced over my clit, sending little shocks over the sensitive flesh. 
“How does that feel?” You asked as you dipped a finger into my hole, your thumb never leaving my clit.
“Don’t stop.” Oh god, it felt so good!
“I wouldn’t dare. Your pleasure is mine.” You pushed another finger inside, stretching me further. In and out, in and out, you finger-fucked me right there, holding my body close to yours as my breaths grew evermore rapid until they left my body as needy pants. 
The fact that it was you, the person who knew me best, who I have shared so much with…made the entire experience even more overwhelming, more pleasurable. Oh forbidden fruit…
You stuck your free hand into my costume and pinched my nipple, drawing a moan from deep inside, one that brought a big smile to your face. My whole body reacted to yours, squirming under your touch. 
I was so close to the edge, my orgasm slowly building to its peak. Unlike you, I wasn’t about to ask for permission to come, no, I was ready to come undone around your fingers. My eyes closed as a soft, steady hum dripped from my lips. Oh god, I’m close! 
And that’s when it happened. 
When I heard my name called. 
My eyes flashed open to find two of our friends standing behind you, looking at us with so many unanswered questions etched on their faces. 
There was no getting off with a “it’s not what it looks like” today, it was what it looked like, what it sounded like. 
We were caught red-handed. But more importantly, I hadn’t come yet. 


Part 9
*Part 10 (His POV)* Interrupted 


I froze, my finger still deep inside your wet cunt. There was no time to pull out before they saw; it was already too late—we were caught. Our secret was a secret no more.

Our friends looked at us in confusion, their swimming towels clutched too tightly at their sides. Nobody said anything, just stared at the pool, at our half-naked bodies pressed together intimately, your face flushed in an orgasm that never reached completion before being rudely interrupted.

It was risky, especially during broad daylight—fingering you in the pool while the others were nearby, finishing breakfast. But I couldn’t resist your body, not anymore. I’d spent far too long telling myself I couldn’t have you because we were friends, best friends. Now that I had a taste of what “more-than-friends” felt like, I wanted to drink until I was drunk, more.

“Some privacy, maybe?” Your voice was sarcastic, frustrated. Who could blame you for being so impatient once they knew you were left on the brink of climax, unsatisfied?

“And how long has this been going on?” Of course, it was her who spoke first, always the self-appointed leader of our group. I wished we could be alone, but we were stuck here with the group.

“None of your business,” you retorted, pushing me away finally, my finger slipping out of your swimming costume. Two days ago, I would have believed this fortunate turn of events a mere one-sided fantasy. But everything was different now; there was no going back.

I still couldn’t form any words; I felt like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. In a way, I was. Part of me wanted to sink into the water to hide the humiliation on my blood-red face. But the other part of me, the part that had grown addicted to your skin against mine, that part wanted to continue finger-fucking you until you contracted around my digits, howling my name in pleasure. But I didn’t do either of those things, no, I waited for you to take the lead.

Our friends had more questions but you offered no answers, just dragged your beautiful curves from the cool water and wrapped a towel around you defensively.

I followed, not even bothering to hide my unruly erection pressing against the wet material of the yellow swimming trunks clinging to my hips.

Three pairs of inquisitive eyes stared us down, demanding answers I knew we didn’t owe them, or anyone. There was no law against fucking your best friend; you didn’t have a betrayed partner, neither did I. We were free to explore what we wanted to. Still, I felt like I was being a bad boy.

With a nonchalant “see you at dinner” to our friends, you took my hand and dragged me back to your room as their eyes followed us up the path, a hushed chatter growing quieter with distance…But my only focus was on you, your wet warm hand in mine. I would follow you anywhere.

When the door finally closed behind us, locked, you slithered out of your dripping swimming costume right there, peeling it off your body like you were ripping your skin from its flesh until you stood before me naked, wet, and oh so ready.

God, you were even more exquisite in the daylight, standing before me so bold, so unashamed, confidently. It made me want you even more. I could never have dreamt that you would be such a Goddess, as hungry for me as I was for you.

Without a second thought, I knelt on the carpet before you, worshiping your body the way it deserved. Oh god, how beautiful you looked from this vantage point, from any vantage point.

You grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me into your pussy.

“Finish what you started, boy.” You arched your crotch into my face as my tongue found its way to your clit, humming moans of pleasure in increasing loudness that motivated my tongue to a stellar performance.

Yes, Miss.

This time, nobody interrupted your orgasm.

I lapped up every last drop of it.


Part 10
*Part 11 (Her POV)* Good Boy 


Like a good boy, you waited patiently for the orgasm to work its way through my body. It rolled over me in magnificent waves that crashed and crashed until I gasped for breath. 

Despite being “just friends,” I always thought you were good-looking but never more so than now, bowed down on your knees before me. Oh god, how could it feel so good? 

“Who taught you that?” I asked, finally opening my eyes to find you staring at me with that foolish grin plastered on your face, my climax still dripping from your lips. 

“Someone with a great deal of patience,” you replied with an air of faux mystery that made us both laugh, breaking the tension that’s been building. 

“Silly boy.” Wrapping my arms around your still-wet body dressed only in those yellow swimming trucks I vowed to rip off you, I helped you off the floor. As soon as you were within reach, my lips found yours like a magnet finding its opposite pole. I kissed you passionately, messily. 

“I like it when you call me boy,” you told me when we finally came up for air. Your eyes sparkled with hunger as you gently stroked my cheek. Usually, men were quick to defend their masculinity with nothing but age as proof, but you weren’t them…you wanted this as much as I did. 

“Is that so? And what else do you like, boy?” I drew out the word to regard its effect on you, the way you groaned softly, almost in protest, as the boy sank into your skin. 

“Things I would never say out loud.” 

“Well, good thing you always called me easy to talk to.” With a wink, I reached for your hardness trapped between our bodies, fishing your cock out of those wet swimming trunks. Watching you intently, watching how you squirm, I trailed my finger over your erection, teasing it until the desperation made your voice raspy, ragged. 

“I want…want you to use me like an object, a mere instrument of your desire.” Your cheeks were colored in blush but I knew you liked it; you liked being humiliated before me (by me). What other secrets were you hiding? 

“Aha, my own personal flesh dildo. I’d like that. Does that mean I can tell you when to come?” 

Your only response was a pained groan as your cock twitched between my fingers, dripping with pre-cum. “Please…Miss.” There it was again, that word—Miss. The way you said it, the way you looked at me when you made the lust flutter in my belly like a wild butterfly refusing to get caught.

“You should be careful what you wish for. Remember this moment when you’re crying for release later.”

“I would be honored.” You weren’t being sarcastic; we’ve been friends for long enough for me to discern the sincerity in your confessions. 

“Take these off,” I demand, snapping the elastic of your waistband against your skin. 

“Yes, Miss.” Being the obedient boy you are, you dropped your wet shorts to the floor, sheepishly presenting your cock to me uncovered. 

I took it between my fingers again, petting it like an animal before pulling it towards me. A surprised gasp fluttered from your lips, encouraging me to continue as I pressed our bodies together, touching as much skin as possible. For a while, we just held each other while kissing, nothing else—the most beautifully intimate moment.

And then I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed you inside me! The wetness pooling between my thighs was unmistakable. 

“Down boy,” I whispered, pushing you onto my bed as I crawled on top of you like a predator stalking its prey—wild, feral, ready. “Do you trust me?”

You nodded. “Use me, please.”

Grabbing the bright red scarf hanging around my bedpost, I told you to close your eyes as I blindfolded you, turning your world scarlet in anticipation. 

Today I will finally learn what it felt like to fuck my best friend, and I was ready, so ready…literally dripping with lust. Even though being on top wasn’t normally my vibe, there was nothing I wanted more right now. 

Leaning down, I licked a broad stroke from your earlobe to your nipple, closing my lips over the sensitive bud sweetly before biting down on its pink flesh—hard. You moaned loudly, no longer caring about who heard us. 

“Pick a safe word, boy…

*Part 12 (His POV)* Undone 


Even blindfolded, I knew it was my best friend’s lips that slipped around painfully hard cock as I lay here breathless and ready. 
I’d fantasized about this moment for so long, yet the reality of your skin against mine was beyond compare. 
Without bothering to suppress my moans, my cries filled the space as you swallowed me whole with a level of skill that even my wildest fantasies couldn’t conjure up. We’d already been discovered; there was no reason to be quiet anymore. Besides, I didn’t want to hide; I wanted to be yours—openly, fully. 
“Breathe, baby-boy,” you told me like it was possible to force a natural rhythm while every gasp trapped itself in my throat whenever you touched me. 
Nobody had ever called me baby-boy before, and I came undone as soon as the words were out, my body surrendering to your every command. With you in the driving seat, I was finally free from the endless second-guessing, the insecurities; I could just lie back and let you use me as you needed. 
“Remember, no coming without permission,” you told me as you cupped my delicate balls, and I whined loudly in response, somehow forgetting how to string syllables together into language. But I didn’t need words, I needed you—more than I’ve ever needed anyone, anything, before. 
Your touch set my skin on fire, igniting the lust inside me until it threatened to consume me. There was no way I would last long like this; I was seconds from orgasm. 
You must have realized this because you suddenly spat me out, moving away. My body instantly missed your proximity, the warmth of your hands, your mouth on my erection. 
“No!” I managed a word in protest, uttered in a bitter whine that made you laugh. 
“Patience, boy…” you said as you dragged your nails over my skin, drawing an invisible path from my stomach to my nipples before lightly pinching each side. 
With my eyes blindfolded, every other sense was heightened—I could virtually smell your need as you repositioned yourself to press your pussy lips against my thigh, straddling me. 
Oh god! You were so wet! 
“This is all your doing,” you said me as you rocked your hips forward, leaving your wetness on my skin
I was not sorry, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t say anything, just let you guide my eager hands to your breasts like a puppet controlled by invisible strings. 
“Are you ready?” you asked, and I nodded, body frozen in anticipation.
“Words, baby. Speak words.”
“Yes. Please.” There was so much more I wanted to tell you, but all the blood had long since drained from my brain to my cock.
“Don’t move,” you instructed me like I could if I wanted to. Yet, with a single word I could stop it all (I had my safe word after all), but I didn’t want to stop anything that was happening—I’ve waited so long for this. Part of me was still convinced that it was all a dream, that this could never happen. 
Yet here you were, slipping the condom over me with both hands like my dick was a mere object to you. The thought was incredibly arousing. I meant what I said to you earlier, I wanted you to use me in any way you saw fit. 
“Oh god!” you moaned out loud as you guided my cock to your entrance, just holding it there for a second before slowly impaling yourself on my length. 
It felt so good, oh good, so good, I almost came immediately! 
For a moment, you just sat like that, unmoving on top of me with my cock buried inside you completely. Then you moved my hands back in place over your breasts, and started to thrust your hips, picking up pace as you fucked me into a beautifully overstimulated mess. 
I tried to arch my back, to get closer, but you wrapped both hands around my throat as you firmly told me NO! As your grip tightened around my neck, cutting off my air, I knew I was about to come harder than ever before, if you’d let me.
Oh god, I hope you’d let me—my last thought before slipping into a blissful blur of pleasure that vibrated through my whole body as you fucked me harder than I’ve ever let anyone fuck me before. But you weren’t just anyone…
It was becoming impossible to keep myself from exploding as you kissed me deeply, fully, hungrily. 
And then it happened, you uttered those magic words that instantly set me free—“Come for me, baby-boy.”
And I did. 

Part 12
*Part 13 (Her POV)* Overstimulated


Power surged through my body as you heeded my “come for me” command, releasing everything you’d been holding back with a deep grunt. 
“Good boy,” I whispered in your ear. 
I did that, I thought proudly, watching your blindfolded body squirm beneath me, your chest heaving up and down with breathless pants. A beautiful mess, just for me. 
All those years imagining what it would feel like to finally fuck my best friend, and now I knew—fantasy could never feel as good as the reality of your skin against mine, your sticky wetness mixed with mine. 
Submission was a good look on you, unexpectedly so—I will tell you many times still. The way your body responded to my every touch, to my mere breath on your skin, was so addictive! 
With your eyes forced into darkness, your senses were sharper than ever it seemed, and teasing you became simply too hard to resist. What does this button do?
“Oh god,” you whimpered, actually whimpered, as I slowly started rocking my hips again, refusing to let you pull out. I’ve never heard you make such beautiful sounds before, and I wanted to push that button again and again to hear what other pretty little moans you hid in your reportoire.
“Didn’t I tell you to be careful what you wish for.” My voice sounded different, somehow sweet yet mean at the same time, as I dragged my long nails over your chest, pinching a nipple between my fingers playfully. You exclaimed wordlessly, a gasp trapped in your throat. 
Talking during sex wasn’t normally my vibe but I loved the effect my voice had on you. I could get used to this power dynamic. There were so many things I could imagine doing to your body, so many things I wanted to do…
You whined loudly as I started riding your spent cock with vigor again, surging your circuits with overstimulation. 
“Too sensitive,” you moaned, your whole body clenching—all the way to your toes—as you gripped the sheets. 
“You can stop this at any time,” I reminded you of your safe word before continuining my slow torture of your exhausted body. 
You didn’t hesitate. “No! Don’t stop.” 
“That’s what I thought.” I laughed at the pathetic mess you’d become beneath me. Yet there is something so alluring about your current state of desperate submission. Knowing that nobody else sees you like this, only me, made me even wetter. Our little secret. 
“Now hush, boy. You wanted to be an object, so be one. Objects don’t talk,” I told you as I dropped my hand to my clit, rubbing the sensitive bud between two fingers while riding your cock until my legs ached, and then some. 
Your groans increased as your body convulsed under mine. Later, you’ll tell me how in this moment, everything went quiet, still, as you floated away to another plane of serene bliss. But for now, this moment was all about me. 
Slowly at first, the orgasm buildt between my thighs, quickening in tandem with the movement of my hips, my fingers, as your desperate monosyllabic cries filled the room. At the last minute, I closed my eyes, giving in to the climax ripping through my body like a power surge—violent, urgent. It felt incredible! 
“Fucking hell,’” I gasped when my senses returned to equilibrium, dismounting with the last bit of energy I had left. Happily exhausted, I collapsed next to you. I weaved my fingers through yours as I lay my head down on your chest to follow the sound of your pounding heartbeat, wild like mine. 
Content, I held you tightly as we just lie there for a moment, until the tingles in my spine subsided and my breath remembered its usual rhythm. Your body felt familiar, comfortable, like our concaves were meant to fill each other’s convexes. 
With one hand, I tugged down your blindfold, kissing your forehead. Your eyelids fluttered as you tried to adjust to the light again. How innocent you looked…
“You okay?” I asked, caressing your cheek. It was damp with desperate tears neither of us noticed you were crying. 
“Oh god,” was all you said, wrapping me in your strong arms as you snuggled me against your chest again. “You’re insane, woman.”
“Is that a complaint?” Seeking your eyes, I looked up, desperate to know we’re still okay. But we were, we were more than okay. 
You smiled, brushing a strand of hair from my cheek lovingly. “Not at all. No complaints. I’m a very lucky boy…”


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