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About the Author

Meet the person behind all the content. A dreamer first, a writer second. Everything else - a quick learner. 

Hi, I’m Kay


I’m the creator and storyteller behind the M Kay Noir pen name.


I have been writing erotica since I was 17 years old. (I’m 35 now.)

I’ve been writing journalistic articles even longer than that.

And before that, my first stories were actually handwritten ghost stories with

my friends as characters.

I was 10.


I was raised in a conservative, Afrikaans small mountain town in South Africa.

I never really fitted in much growing up. My world was very small. I lost myself in books,

reading the lonely days away.

Luckily, I found my people at university and realized I wasn’t wrong, just open-minded.

Since then, I’ve lived my life happily among the queers, the weirdos, the beautiful people of world.


So why this? Why now? Why start M Kay Noir?

I’ve always written as “mkay” in some way or other. Since my teenage years of posting NC17-rated fanfiction on (Yeah, a long time ago in internet years.)

For many years, my professional career as an engineering journalist took over. I was writing and publishing thousands of words each day as the editor of multiple trade magazines.

I always came back to erotica though.

In between the corporate rat race, I was ghostwriting erotica stories on a freelance basis to fund overseas music festival trips. The pay was shoddy and the storylines cheap rip-offs of 50 Shades of Grey. I eventually tired of selling my soul.

At some point, I was even hired to write regular erotic content for an upmarket sex toy company in Hong Kong.


Long story short, after 13 years of corporate, I had enough.

I finally made the time to start something that gave me a real sense of purpose again – M Kay Noir.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to just start. So, I started the Instagram account in March 2022. So many hours of waking up early, even on holidays, to work on content.

Only one problem. I was writing female-first erotica with a mission to be the antithesis of 50 Shades. I quickly realized I wasn’t alone. I felt so discouraged. Now what?


Then, one day, I wrote a role reversal story, giving the woman all the power. The response was unexpectedly good.

I started looking into this more, leading me down the path of FemDom. The concept of Gentle FemDom was so beautiful to me. I was surprised more people hadn’t heard of it.  

Sadly, the more I researched, the more I found that the online representation was completely misguided and toxic. Porn had ruined yet another beautiful thing. There were so many new people curious about this lifestyle but there seemed to be no entry point. Everyone was just stumbling around in the dark, fabricated fantasies doing more harm than good.

I wanted to do something about that representation.


And here we are today.

I have combined all my writing, researching, and interviewing skills acquired over the past 20 years to present to you a carefully curated Gentle FemDom experience – whether you want fiction, non-fiction, or both.

Consent, boundaries, and mental well-being are at the core of everything.  

Kinky & kind – that is the brand.

Stories (real or fictional) where people are having mind-blowing sexual experiences while also taking care of each other.


So yeah, that’s the short version.

I hope you keep an open mind and enjoy the stories.


When in doubt, channel The Doctor and just be kind. (Yes, that is a Doctor Who reference.)




Why Gentle FemDom?

It is false to assume that only women want their kink with a side of wholesome and support. What about all the good boys out there? The ones who just want to be protected and owned? Where are their love stories?


I have made it my mission to show the more gentle side of kink. Aimed at the sub-boys and Mistresses (and Switches) yearning for a different world. A world where they can be treated the way they deserve to be treated – with kindness and compassion.

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