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Temptation - A Story of Red Rope

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 I hope you enjoy this very erotic but also very intense moment between two Femdom lovers. 

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I have never wanted anything this much, I thought as you spread your pussy lips before me.

I tried to inch closer, squirming on my belly like a worm, virtually naked on the brown carpet. It felt rough underneath me.

There was just one problem – the bright red rope around my balls. It tightened painfully, stretching my sensitive skin, with every motion away from the wall it was secured to.

You just laughed, seductively touching your clit right in front of me.

It was so close, I could smell the familiar scent of your cunt.

I was ravenous.

“Do you want this, puppy?” you asked, pushing your voluptuous cleavage together and leaning towards me.

If my hands weren’t secured behind my back, I could have reached out to those sensual nipples I have suckled on so many times before.

I could almost feel their silken texture in my mouth as I reached for your breasts with my tongue.

But you pulled away, sitting back down against the bedroom wall – just beyond my grasp.

“Please, Mommy,” I whined, horny behind my imagination. All I wanted was to touch you. I know I didn’t deserve to, but I wanted to so badly. Even after 20 years of marriage, this was all I wanted.

“Such a desperate little puppy, shame…” you said slowly, patronizingly. You moved your right hand from your breast and it returned to its natural position, resting heavily against your chest. It didn’t matter what age you turned, your body was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

As your left hand pinched your nipple to erection, the right found its way back to your clit. You opened your legs wide, bent knees pointing to the ceiling.

I was in the best and worst position – front-row seats to the most erotic show I have ever seen, but tied and vulnerable, unable to obtain what I desired most.

“Hmm, it feels so nice, don’t you want some rewards after such a busy day of being Mister Big Shot at work? I bet this pussy was all you thought about as you sat behind that intimidating CEO desk of yours, isn’t it?” you teased, speaking in your Mommy-voice – words drawn out deliberately.

“Yes, Mistress. I need you,’’ I whined, digging the toes of my stockinged feet into the carpet to try and push my body closer to you.

I could feel the skin of my balls stretch behind me, pulling behind my ass, my thighs with the thin red rope tight around my sack. There was no stretch in the rope. It was tied securely to a metal ring in the wall usually reserved for tying my leash. But today, you had other plans for the bedroom ring.

I cried in agony!

It hurt so much.

Part of me feared my balls would rip right off my body.

I knew they wouldn’t. But my mind was a mess right now.

I lay my head down on the carpet, panting heavily as I tried to ride the wave of pain.

It was no use, I could never get close enough to that heavenly pussy, ripe with pleasure.

“Hmm… you need me?” you snorted, cruelly. “Look up darling,” you instructed, and I lifted my head hopefully, only to be disappointed. “Seems I don’t need you though. Definitely not that pathetic small dick of yours. I should’ve locked it up in its little cage,” you pulled your pussy lips apart with your fingers and I could see every inch of your flesh exposed before me. Those beautiful lips bore our three darling children – almost grown up now and luckily out of the house at present.

I moaned desperately. “Please, I will be a good boy. I will do anything.”

“Not so powerful now, are you? We know who is really in charge here, don’t we?” you asked, picking up speed as you pleasured yourself.

“You do, Mistress. You are always in charge. I am but your humble and devoted servant.”

“If only those young girls at work who constantly throw themselves at your feet could see you now. Their strong and masculine leader a whining little mess on the carpet, literally caught by the nut-sack,” you laughed viciously.


It only turned me on more. You knew me too well; you knew what buttons to push. I didn’t care about any of those girls. They couldn’t make me feel the way you did. I needed a dominant woman, someone who could put me in my place and look after me.

“You’re the only one for me,” I replied earnestly as I watched you circle your budding clit.

“Such a lucky little pet… here, do you want to have a taste,” you pushed your forefinger in between your folds, dipping it into your moist entrance. With a grin, you reached the finger between my hungry lips. I suckled on your finger eagerly, desperately, starved for your body.

I closed my eyes and moaned loudly.

You tasted so good. It was a taste I could never tire of. One that stayed with me in my dreams – day and night. It motivated me in everything I did. That sweet taste of reward had gotten me this far in life. I worked hard every day to come home to that taste. I would lay my accolades, my successes before your feet, kneeling obediently as I awaited your praises. That was the only thing that mattered. Not what the press said, not my board. Everything I did was to please you. You always saw my true potential, even when I hesitated to take risks.

Yet nobody knew. That was the best part. You always let me take the lead with disciplining the kids or when we were outside of the bedroom. You were a good wife. You stood by my side. You let me open doors for you and carry heavy things from the car. That’s what the world saw.

What they didn’t see were the panties I wore for you under my suit every day. They didn’t see the beautiful cufflinks you had made to subtly remind me of your submission, unbeknownst to anyone else. The collar I wore for you at home whenever the kids were away, or we were alone in our room. Nor the bruised lashes across my ass whenever you whipped me. Or the pegging harness you kept in a drawer next to the bed. No, they only saw a successful leader with a supportive wife.

“Thanks for making it wet for me, baby boy,” you said, pulling your finger from my lips and returning it to yours – down there. “Now Mommy can finish what she started while your little worm withers away, unsatisfied.” You reached down deep, fingering yourself while massaging your clit with the other hand.

I love it when you called me “boy.” I was 53 but you instantly made me feel like a little child, helpless but happy in the arms of his caregiver. And all this “little boy” wanted right now, more than anything in the world, was to have more of what he just tasted.

It’s been nine days. Nine days since you allowed me any release. Nine days of pure torture as you teased me, edged me and brought me near completion without letting me cum.

I was driven mad with desire.

I wanted to move closer, but I couldn’t. I knew my balls couldn’t take any more. They must’ve looked red by now, completely trapped in the noose of the rope.

I had gotten instantly hard when you made me strip out of my work clothes as soon as I arrived home earlier. You made me put on my collar, and carefully tied the red rope around my nut sack, isolating my testicles from my body. I instantly felt submissive. You handled my penis like an inanimate object, pulling it out of the way to get the rope around with zero intention of giving it a second glance. Still, the mere touch sent my desperate cock to full attention. I know it pleased you when I got hard for you. But you didn’t show it. Instead, you had just pulled the rope taunt behind my legs, bringing me to my knees in pain. And there I remained – on the floor, stripped naked except for my collar and the knee-high silk stockings I wore under my suit.

“Hmm,” you mumbled, closing your eyes as you brought your own body to pleasure. “I’m so close to cumming,” you said to yourself, oblivious to me or at least pretending to be.

“Mommy…” I said in a small voice, panting hungrily, a pathetic grown man lying on the floor. I had no words to use, not in this state. My mind had a single focus, a need so strong it blocked out everything else. I had to have it. That taste!

You moaned loudly and I knew it was happening.

I could see the shivers on your skin, the trembling of your legs, your body stiffening, breathing shallow and quick… you were so close.

I watched you intently, watched the look on your face as the orgasm shot through your body with a loud scream that the neighbors would probably hear if they were home.

I loved your face in pleasure. I could never tire of watching you cum. It was so much more important than my own pleasure.

Your body shook even after you removed your shaky fingers from your clit. They were sticky with your juices, thick.

You just stayed there, eyes closed, panting heavily until your breath normalized.

I lay watching obediently, never daring to interrupt your moment. No matter how uncomfortable I was, lying on top of my painful erection, balls stretched behind me.

You finally opened your eyes, smiling at me affectionately. I tried to imagine how pathetic I looked right now, so helpless.

You closed the short distance between us, taking me into your arms and cradling me against your large breasts. You kissed the top of my head sweetly before smearing your sticky fingers over my cheek, leaving your warm cum on my face.

“Good boy,” you whispered.

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