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Free Femdom Stories

Not sure if my writing is for you? Perhaps you are uncertain about femdom, whether you find it arousing. I've got you covered. Here are some free stories to sample. The only catch is that you have to join my newsletter to unlock them.



Taming the King

Mafia femdom short with Danica & Dante

Alpha in the streets, submissive in the sheets: The mafia boss kneels only to one – his kinky queen.

Dante (43) and Danica (24) go shopping for sex toys but an unexpected incident interrupts their experience. Will they escape unscathed? (Serious “touch her and die” vibes.)

Short and spicy: 3,200 words

House of Subs (Vol 1)

Interconnected Good Boy Spicy Erotica Shorts

What a beautiful look submission is on a man. Collared. Kneeling. Yours. Such a good boy.


This is not a novel.

It’s a series of 17 short, steamy moments of intimacy between the same characters.

Each chapter is a different snapshot from the same relationship, told sequentially but rarely in series.


House of Subs reads like a menu of desires.

Sample the buffet and see what you like.

If it’s not for you, skip it. But if it is…

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